It's like a mailing list, for Twitter

Tweet your curated content on behalf of colleagues, friends and fans.
Create massive social reach together.

How it works

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Six ways to use

Company Announcements

Stop emailing everybody in your company to ask them to retweet your message. Everybody saves time. You can focus on content creation and we take care of distribution.


Ask your editors and your devoted readers to subscribe to your breaking news list. Tweet breaking news for them as it happens.


Say you're a fashion expert and you have lots of fans who like to share your content. Use to regularly let them share your best content.


Ok, you're Lionel Messi and your contract with Adidas states that you need to share 2 promotional tweets per month. can help you.


Boost the social impact of your press releases. Give your PR firm permission to tweet on your behalf. Save valuable time for both parties.


You're VP marketing at Nike and launching a new product. Use to tweet on behalf of your colleagues, sports players and fans for huge social media impact.